Stony Creek No. 5 offers a long and proud history.  If you would like to join the
oldest continuously operating Lodge in the State of Michigan, please contact the
Lodge secretary via email by clicking on the following link:
Stony Creek No. 5 F. & A.M.
Joining Our Lodge
Or, by going directly through the Grand Lodge of
Michigan, but remember to choose
Stony Creek No. 5
as your Lodge.
“Why join?"

1.   For fun, if idiosyncratic, meetings and dinners amongst friends.

2.   An opportunity to give support to charities that are well managed.

3.   Enjoyment: Masonry would not survive if it were serious all the time.

4.   Mental gymnastics: Yes, there is a bit of learning involved!

5.   Trust: Frankly, you have to demonstrate this just to join.

6.   Historical Interest: Masonic history can be a fascinating life long study.

7.   Time to consider and evaluate one’s moral outlook and character.

8.   A friendly forum where you can develop confidence in public speaking.

9.   Meeting like minded people from other backgrounds on equal terms.
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Lastly, just a little more information that may help
in your decision.
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Should I Ask?
Interesting Facts
Expelling Myths
Freemasonry in Michigan shall be a preeminent organization for men of quality,
regardless of race, religion or creed, consistently delivering, by symbols,
allegory and example, a moral code founded on the highest standards of ethics,
honesty and strength of character; a fraternal organization committed to the
charity, true fellowship and Brotherly Love under the Fatherhood of God; and a
relevant organization dedicated to delighting, involving and educating members
and their families in the community, where the Lodge is a vibrant, respected and
contributing part of community life.
The Vision Of Freemasonry In Michigan
Petition to join