Stony Creek No. 5 F. & A.M.

History of the Lodge
Our Lodge has many ties to the Stony Creek Village / Rochester, Michigan
community going back to 1828.  To see some of the history of the Lodge and
the many milestones that have occurred that set Stony Creek apart, please
use the following links:

Timeline of the Lodge - Here you can find the key dates in our history.

Historical Implications - Stony Creek "Light" shines through the dark years.

Mount Moriah - The first building built exclusively for Masonic purposes.

Historical Sites - Historical areas linked directly to the Lodge.

Historical Society - Information from the Rochester-Avon Historical Society.

150th Anniversary - A tribute of the laying of the cornerstone of Mount
Moriah by the State of Michigan.

Early Rochester Masonry - An address given by Judge W.J. Fraser, P.M.
on March 12, 1917.
Freemasonry In Michigan
"A Comprehensive History of Michigan Masonry
From Its Earliest Introduction in 1764"
Jefferson S. Conover
Vol 1

Information on Stony Creek
starts on page 99.